The Foundation

The Toshiko Takaezu Foundation was established in 2015 to support the legacy of the artist Toshiko Takaezu (1922-2011). The Foundation’s mission is to share Toshiko’s philosophy of life and her art with the world. Striving to preserve Toshiko’s work in the setting she created for it, the Foundation helps to maintain Toshiko’s home, studio, and gardens in rural Quakertown, New Jersey. In these beautiful humble surroundings, Toshiko made her elegant and powerful series of ceramic, fiber, and bronze masterworks.

At her studio, the Foundation maintains a gallery providing public access to selections of the Takaezu collection. The Foundation also makes this extensive collection of Toshiko’s work and historical archive available for exhibition, educational programs, scholarly study, and publications in order to promote a greater public interest and understanding of the visual arts.

 Toshiko’s primary wish was to keep her studio operating as a creative workplace and an artistic home for her students and apprentices. Accordingly, the Foundation sponsors workshops, artists’ residencies, open houses, and cultural events at the studio.

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The Toshiko Takaezu Foundation is a 501(c) (3) tax exempt non-profit organization.

Checks may be made to “Toshiko Takaezu Foundation” and sent to: 


       Toshiko Takaezu Foundation
       P.O. Box 422
       Quakertown , New Jersey   08868

For further questions, contact us at  Thank you for your generous support of the Toshiko Takaezu Foundation.                                                         


​The Takaezu Studio