June 9th

Polo for The Studio Project

For the second year in a row The Takaezu Studio project will rent a tent at The Hunterdon Polo Classic.  Our neighbors at Fieldview Farm put on an event every year that Toshiko wouldn't miss.  Come take advantage of this fundraising event and enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes served at the match. Tickets are now available at the studio. 

​The Takaezu Studio

June 3rd Sunday


Open House at Toshiko Takaezu's 

Here at 1177 Croton Rd (parking at 1173) we will be hosting works from our resident artists and returning students and apprentices. Come see what's been fired in the kilns and possibly bring something home. Upstairs in our new gallery we will have curated a new show of Toshiko's work from the home's collection. There's always the strong possibility of snacking on fancy cheeses, local veggies and cookies